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Actor, Director, Writer


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Hello! I am a theatre-trained actor, director, and writer living in Los Angeles. Historically, I am the comic relief. I embrace the silly and absurd with reverence and joy. But I also bring a grounded sensitivity and depth to the humor. My greatest asset as an artist is my sensitivity. I come from a family of criers and am no exception—car commercials, a toddler in a little hat, people being good to each other in small and seemingly insignificant ways? Waterworks, baby! Embarrassing? Sometimes! But feeling deeply is what draws me to acting and strengthens my abilities. I am grateful for my softness. 


Anyway, what have I done lately? Some credits of note: Gail in the Echo Theater’s premier reading of Moleman by Eliza Frakes; Ismene in Anne Carson’s Antigonick (Fir Acres Theater); Hermia in A Midsummer Night’s Dream (Lead Players Co). Most recently, I starred in Murky, a two-person indie dramedy, which was accepted into the Beloit International Film Festival (2023). Directing credits include: Cuddles by Joseph Wilde (Fir Acres Blackbox), and About The House by Chris Paul (Conundrum Theatre Co). Additionally, I can be heard in the Anne of Green Gables audiobook series produced by Mary-Kate Wiles. 


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