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Emma Pierce Rempel

Actor, Director, Writer


sorry, who?


Hello! I am a theatre-trained actor, director, and writer living in Los Angeles. Historically, I am the comic relief. I embrace the silly and absurd with reverence and joy. But I also bring a grounded sensitivity and depth to the humor. I come from a family of criers and am no exception—car commercials, a toddler in a little hat, people being good to each other in small and seemingly insignificant ways? Waterworks, baby! Embarrassing? Sometimes! But my greatest asset as an artist is my sensitivity. I am grateful for my softness. 


Anyway, what have I done lately? This August (2023), I will be performing in Certain Death And Other Considerations, a new devised play premiering with Zoo Venues, part of Edinburgh Fringe Festival. Some favorite credits: Gail in the Echo Theater’s premier reading of Moleman by Eliza Frakes; Ismene in Anne Carson’s Antigonick (Fir Acres Theater); Recently, I could be seen in Murky, a two-person indie dramedy, which was a semifinalist at Beloit International Film Festival (2023). Directing credits include: Cuddles by Joseph Wilde (Fir Acres Blackbox); About The House by Chris Paul (Conundrum Theatre Co). Additionally, I can be heard in the Anne of Green Gables audiobook series produced by Mary-Kate Wiles. 


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